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for Sports and Recreation, Inc.

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Board of Directors Meeting Schedule*:
The Board of Directors meet the FIRST Wednes of every month.*  Everyone is welcomed to attend, these are open meetings.
Contact a Board Member if you would like to address the Board.
*schedule is subject to change.


Registration Policy Changes:

Date: January 11, 2009

To: Parents, Guardians, and Coaches

We have implemented several changes effective immediately, which we want to you to be aware of.

The registration fee for basketball and baseball/softball will be $45 per child.  Football registration will be $55 per child and you will get to keep the uniform.  Cheerleading registration will be $10 and you buy your own uniform.  The main reason for the football registration increase is the cost of the uniform and the problem of collecting and storing them after the season.  We are no longer accepting any registration fee waivers.  Also if we receive or have received any NSF checks you must clear this up including any NSF fees charged to us by the bank before your child will be allowed to play.

Please make sure that you list your childís current uniform size, shirts and pants, on the registration form that you are filling out.  The uniform shirt sizes are listed as YS(6-8),  YM(10-12), YL(14-16), AS, AM, AL, AXL.  The uniform pants are listed by waist sizes as YS(22-24), YM(26-28), YL(30-32), AS(26-28), AM(30-32), AL(34-36).  If the uniform that was listed on your registration form is the one that your child receives and it does not fit him/her try to swap it out with someone on the same team.  If a new uniform has to be ordered you will be charged for the cost to replace it. Once your childís uniform has been ordered and he/she decides that they donít want to play that sport there will be no refund on the registration fee.

Once your child has been placed on a team he/she will not be moved to another team for any reason.  If you have any requests such as carpooling or a particular coach you must note this on the registration form.  We will try to accommodate these requests as long as it does not affect the balance of players on a team.  If there is a problem after you child has been placed on their team and you elect to take him/her off the team there will be no refund of the registration fee.

If you register your child to play at the Franchise level of a sport we will contact you to verify that this is correct prior to the draft.  If the Recreation Dept. or our booster club conducts a tryout for the Franchise level they will decide who is on the Franchise teams.

Anyone not making the Franchise team will be placed on a Recreation team.  If there is no tryout then the child is automatically placed on a Franchise team.  Once your child has been selected to a Franchise team he/she will not be allowed to move to a Recreation team or vice versa.

 If you have any questions or comments on these changes please contact the coordinator of that sport.


DBC Board of Directors


Booster Club Seeking Team Sponsors
The Booster Club is always seeking sponsors for its baseball/softball teams.  Help the Booster Club secure sponsors for 100% of its teams this year.  About 45 teams are anticipated and the Booster Club's goal is to have all of the teams sponsored.  Sponsors fees are $250 per team.  The company name will appear on the back of the team jersey and each sponsor will receive a team plaque at the end of the season.  If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring a team, please contact Neil Legendre at 985-764-6073.  Registration fees do not completely cover uniform, equipment and other cost associated with the sport.  Without the support of sponsors, we would not be able to upgrade uniforms and caps, supply the teams with additional equipment and provide year-end trophies and tournament t-shirts.  Please help us achieve this significant goal.


Annual Membership Meeting Scheduled in October
Each October, an annual membership meeting is held to elect six directors to the board.  A nominating committee places several names in nomination at the membership meeting.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor.  If you have an interest in serving on the board or know of someone who does, please contact Paulo Casanova at 985-764-2089.



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